Tuesday, 18 November 2008

quintessentially British

googling 'quintessentially British' a discussion board appeared, from Flicker. People have posted their ideas of 'quintessentially British'.

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Fack to Bront is a group administrator Fack to Bront Pro User says:

Men in bowler hats, men in kilts, quiet desperation, women drinking pints of bitter, football thugs, angry of Tunbridge wells, attitudes to johhny foreigner.

I love Britain.

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James Thomas Rowe is a group administrator James Thomas Rowe says:

Cups of tea
Smashed up telephone box's
The smell of piss in shop doorways
complaining about the weather
Fat men with beards who drink bitter
Tossers in tracksuits
People who cant afford lots of gold wearing lots of gold

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emilyinautumn1 says:

Positives :
Quick wit; humour; a sense of occasion;beautiful buildings.
Spit on the pavements; rain.

There were more of a negative approach.... for example

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Monkey Magic Pro User says:

Teenage mums smoking over the baby's buggy
8 year old smokers
Fake Burberry caps
Chinese DVD sellers
Dodgy goat and dodgy chicken for sale in butchers

I guess it depends on how you want to look at it.... lets look deeper, past the rubbish, the takeaways and the 'chav' a little british charm must still exist!?

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