Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Consumer Consumer

I split my consumer guide into 7 catagories:
Eat / Drink
Entertainment/ Culture
Relax and
Eyes peeled.

Within each section i have broken it down into even more catagories;

Shopping includes markets - though i have made a list of markets around i thought it would be more interesting to focus on some particular market holders that i like for my consumer to look out for. Shopping also includes boutiques, vintage and specialist.

Eat / Drink inlcludes pubs/bars, clubs, restaurants, delicatessence and cafes.
i tried to include a bit of everything, from british cafes to arty night clubs that arn't in shoreditch and a small aspect of multicultural eating.

Sleep i found the hardest because i was trying to taylor my guide around my consumer who is quite quirky and so i wanted some fun hotels but i could only find two that i thought interesting enough to put in.

Culture / entertainment - covers music, i havn't listed bands that would be playing or club nights that are happening because thigns are always changing, so instead i have put in a play list of bands, DJ's and musicians currently hot on the london music scene. Also in this section i have listed performance/cineam, sport and art & design. I also have a section called future events where i have made up some events which could happen in the future due to research i have done.

Transport - i have couvered all the basic forms of transportation around london as it is a key aspect you would need to know whilst visiting a foreign country.

Relax has hair & nails, Spa's and i also put in meditation.

Eyes peeled is the last catagorie, here i just listed some street art and such like found around the east london area, because it is such a big part of the culture i thought it might be fun.

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