Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Other aspects of Beijing

On the otherside of chinese culture, it is still very much into luxury... at the begining of the module i bought the magazine WestEast and it lists the best hotels in China, which all seem to be high designer. It also had an article on the first boutique hotel to open, which i found quite significant because they are already popular over europe and London. Thecoolhunter.net also had images of the new W hotel opening in Hong Kong.

Due to these findings i decided to advertise the few boutique hotels in the East end. The Andaz and The Zetter. Im not sure how 'insiders' these are, however they were deffinately the most interesting and 'nice' hotels in the east and i also decided hotels arn't likely to be too 'inside' as then they would have no trade.

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