Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Future Events

I decided to make up a few future events which could happen in the future from looking at my research, they were;

I thought as the Olympics will be drawing more people in, there will be more emphasis on british culture and thought food would be a good place to start, traditional british food but made a bit more modern prehaps.

Inspired by the 'Hackney antics' blog. i wanted something to involve the community, as i feel community is quite important in the east end.

i know Olympic art festivals have been around since the birth of the Olympics and there are variations around, i thought it might be fun to expand it and take current street artists around east london to display their work in various locations.

And due to boris johnsons remarks that ping pong was born in England i thought it could be fun to have a big ping pong tournement for everyone, pro's and ammatures but make it a bit more fun with other ping pong based games and maybe some competitions for the best looking bat.

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