Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Beijing New London

I wanted to think about my target consumer some more, so i started to look in to what's happening in Beijing. The main thing that caught my eye was the up coming alternative music scene. Laws in china probid certain words and languages in music which is why the majority of the country listen to the main streme pop music.

However the alternative scene is pushing through gradually. Converse did a lovenoise tour around the country promoting a few of the top alternative bands along with local ones depending on which area they were in.

In a current Dazed & Confused they had an article on upcoming talent from Beijing also, including;

P.K.14 - one of the biggest 'alternative' bands.

Queen Sea Big Shark - another band, who are awsome, the lead singer Fu Han is a chinese Karen O!

Xander Zhou - an up coming designer trying to change the meaning of 'made in china'

MC Webber - in china the lyrics of a rapper must be vetter by the gouvernment before the public eing alowed to listen.

Carsick Cars - the best known chinese band in the west.

Ourself Beside me - a 3 girl rock band.

Peng Lei - film maker, ilustrator, musican and toyshop owner.

Queer as Folk Beijing - the first gay webshow in beijing!!

8GG - experimental art

GIA - chinas first lady of punk

No.223 - photographer and editor in cheif of Toomagazine

Michael Pettis - the man behind Beijings newest alternative record lable

I feel all these images show how Beijing and the younger people living in beijing love to be creative, the new generation love to be different and listen to different music, shop in different places and read different magazines. This will be a key point in my research and guide.

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